Vapi's June Updates

Vapi's June Updates

At Vapi, we're always pushing the boundaries of what's possible with Voice AI. This month, we're excited to roll out a set of new features designed to make your development process smoother, more insightful, and more powerful than ever.

From enhanced team collaboration to deeper analytics and expanded integration options, these updates are all about giving you the tools you need to build next-level voice applications.This opens up new possibilities for apps in customer service, online learning, and more.

Here's what's fresh in our toolkit:

🚀 Squads UI

We've rolled out a new Squads UI to make team collaboration smoother than ever. Now you can:

  • Organize your dev squad effortlessly
  • Assign tasks and track progress in real-time
  • Share resources and code snippets within your team

Check it out and level up your teamwork game.

📊 New Analytics Dashboard

Our fresh Analytics Dashboard is live, giving you more insights at a glance. You can now:

  • Visualize key performance metrics of your voice AI apps
  • Track user engagement and conversation quality over time
  • Identify bottlenecks and optimization opportunities quickly

Dive into your data and make informed decisions faster.

🔍 Custom Analytics Queries

We've added a new endpoint for writing custom queries over call data. This powerful feature allows you to:

  • Craft specific queries to extract exactly the data you need
  • Analyze patterns in unsuccessful calls with particular assistants
  • Calculate precise usage and costs for different AI providers

Want to know which calls with a specific assistant were unsuccessful? Or how much you spent on OpenAI? Now you can get those answers easily.

📞 SIP Telephony Support

For our Enterprise users, we've added SIP Telephony support. This update enables you to:

  • Connect Vapi directly to any telephony provider
  • Cut out middleman fees (goodbye, Twilio charges!)
  • Gain more control over your voice infrastructure

Now you can integrate Vapi seamlessly into your existing phone systems, saving costs and boosting flexibility.

🎥 Web SDK Video Recordings

Our Web SDK now supports video recordings, opening up new possibilities for your voice AI apps. You can:

  • Capture user's webcam feed synced perfectly with audio
  • Have recordings automatically uploaded to S3 for easy access
  • Retrieve video artifacts post-call through call.artifact

This feature is perfect for building more engaging customer service, telemedicine, or educational applications.

🤖 LLM-based Voicemail Detection

We've upgraded our voicemail detection capabilities. This smart feature:

  • Uses LLM technology to accurately identify voicemail messages
  • Kicks in when traditional detection methods fall short
  • Improves the overall reliability of your voice AI system

When Twilio detection falls short, our LLM-based system steps in to determine if it's hit voicemail, ensuring your AI doesn't get tripped up by answering machines.

🔧 New Provider Integrations

We've expanded our provider integrations to give you more options:

  • Claude 3.5 Sonnet: Leverage Anthropic's latest language model
  • Cartesia: Tap into specialized geospatial AI capabilities
  • Gladia: Utilize advanced speech recognition technology
  • Azure OpenAI: Access Microsoft's powerful AI services
  • Amazon S3: Seamlessly handle recording uploads

These new integrations allow you to choose the best tools for your specific voice AI needs, whether you're optimizing for speed, accuracy, or specialized capabilities.

That's the rundown for this month. We're always looking forward to hearing your ideas. Got a feature request?
Drop it here!

Keep your code talking and your AI listening,
The Vapi Team

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